Introducing Brass — Banking Nigeria’s local businesses.

All big businesses start small.

We are very excited to share with you what we have been working on for quite some time now. Meet Brass, an improved banking service for local businesses in Nigeria.

Brass provides bank-backed, fully insured current account services to local businesses in Nigeria. Starting and running a business is already a test of character, opening or managing a current account should never have to be. When we started building, we set out to do a few things:

  1. Make it super easy for every business to get a current account from any device, without having to see the inner walls of a bank. As important as a business current account is, opening one can be quite challenging and as a result, many local businesses rather stay unbanked.
  2. Cut off the fees and help businesses and people save money. It sucks and to put it very mildly, quite irritating to get those debit alerts. Most people are irritated by the fees but have almost no good or trusted alternative. We believe banking can be a lot cheaper and we have a few ideas on doing this so you can say bye-bye to the needless fees.
  3. Give clarity into your business finance with new, interesting financial services that matter. This for us means a better insightful dashboard, integration with existing tools you already use and top-end financial services for your business and team.
  4. Cheap, fast financing when you need it so you can continue to build and grow your business. When you send that invoice, you should not have to wait 30–90 days to get paid or when you have a supplier or employee you need to pay fast, we want to be there for you and your business.
  5. Great, thoughtful human support that genuinely cares about your business, puts it first at all times. This should not even be on the list but the bar is that low. We want to be there, we want to listen and support you at all times.

Brass is constantly improving so we will continue to build for your business. We have a lot scheduled in the coming weeks making it easy for you to do business with perhaps the best banking experience, tools, support and services you will ever need.

Some of the things you should expect:

  1. Cash-flow analytics to give you trends on your most important business financial parameters.
  2. More integrations with some of the services you run your business with, so your business moves even more smoothly.
  3. Simple payroll and more interesting ways to do payments more than ever.
  4. Financing products to take care of your payables and finance your invoices.

At Brass, we are building a better way to bank your business. That’s our singular purpose, our reason for being. Everyday we just want to think about how we can make banking more useful for your business and do it really right and also help you do more. That means better products, services, support, financing, all kinds of resources and tools you may need to run your business better.

We genuinely seek to be your growth partner as the metric by which we measure our success is your success. We, therefore, promise to build really great, meaningful products and deliver exceptional customer service for your business.

If you are looking for a truly better banking for your business with great support, that doesn’t bury you with fees. Banking that just works, gets out of the way and tells you what is important and removes the noise, then you should switch to Brass today.

Get started with a free account and be done in 10 minutes and if you need any help, we have our onboarding specialist on standby to help you through all the way to answer all your questions, give you tips and anything else you may need to see that you are delighted.

To stay updated with our progress and work, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Do have a pleasant day and thank you.


Sola for the Brass team.

Better banking for local businesses. A current account made for fast growing businesses. Open a free account in 10 minutes. Banking services provided by FCMB.